How to Add Javascript And CSS To HTML

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 If you are simply learning coding, there is a possibility that you may not be familiar with every aspect of the coding. In this section, I have shown you how to add javascript and CSS to html.

In order to create a webpage or any other tool for the web, you will always need CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. You may know only html, but you're stuck adding CSS and javascript to it. 

Here is the solution for that:

How to add or merge CSS with HTML (External CSS) 

To merge CSS with html simply write this between head tag : < link rel="stylesheet" href="path_of_your_file"/> . Between <stlye> and </style> tag. It is an external CSS stylesheet that includes a link in the head section that points to another file or document. In the path of your file, put your css code link or file path.

How to add or merge CSS with HTML (Inline CSS)

In the Inline CSS <style> tag is used under the <head> tag of the html. The style tag begins with <style> and ends with </style>, and the CSS code is placed between them.

How to add or merge Java Script with HTML (External Javascript) 

To merge java script with html by using external javascript, write this code <script src= "script.js"/> just above </body> tag or between the tag. Between <script> and ending with </script>. In the script.js,  put your javacript code link or file path.

How to add or merge Java Script with HTML (Inline)

To merge javascript by using inline write <script> just above the </body> tag and write the code between <script> and </script> tag.

I hope you find it helpful.


1) Can HTML and Java scripts be combined?

Using inline and external javascript, we can integrate java-script with HTML.

2) Can you use javascript with HTML and CSS?

Javascript can be used with HTML and CSS. These languages are used to create the website.

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