How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently or Temporarily

Instagram is the social media platform used by many people in the world and in the world, you have created an Instagram account, but now you have decided to delete your account for some reason. But after going to the settings section, you have found that there is no option for deleting the account.

So just read this tutorial to delete your Instagram account permanently, the process is easy. But before reading the steps, please comment on why you are deleting your account if possible.

These are the steps to follow to delete the account.:

1) Tap on the gear button or Hamburger menu ☰ from the top right corner of your profile page.
delete or deactive instagram account permanently

After getting into the settings, you will notice that there is no option regarding the account delegation. So follow the next step.

Tap on the help centre option from the settings option.

delete instagram account permanently

After clicking on the help centre, you will be prompted to the FAQ Section. 

3) Click on Manage your account.

delete instagram account permanently

4) Click on the How do I delete my Instagram account by searching delete.

delete instagram account permanently

5) Find delete my account from the written faq. 

delete instagram account permanently

6) Select your reason for deleting. 

delete instagram account permanently

7) Enter the username and password.

8) Tap-on Delete my account.

You can also delete your account temporarily by clicking on the temporarily disable hyperlink. 

delete instagram account temporarily

If you like this tutorial, consider sharing it on social media but not Instagram because you have just  deleted the account. But if you intention is to create another, then please share it.
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