How to Turn Off Google Smart Lock on Instagram (2022)

How to Turn Off Google Smart Lock on Instagram

If you frequently use Instagram, you may have accidentally enabled Google Smart Lock, or you may have enabled it on your own, but you are now unable to unlock and log into your Instagram account. Because Google is preventing you from accessing Instagram, this could be extremely inconvenient and annoying for you. Let me know in the comment section if you enable the smart lock on your own. Or have you enabled it inadvertently?

But before going to disable it, let me explain what a Google smart lock is.

Google Smart is a feature provided by Google. It locks your smartphone intelligently. It has three options for locking your phone: body detection, trusted devices, and trusted places.

On-body detection: If you have entered your password once, you can unlock your phone using the on-body detection option. It will not ask you to enter your password again. 

Trusted device: You can select the Bluetooth device that you trust in this option. You will not be prompted to enter any passwords if you are connected to a trusted Bluetooth device.

Trusted Place: In this option, you are prompted to enter the trusted place, and whenever you reach that trusted place, you will not be required to enter the password.

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So, now that you're aware of what Google Smart is, we'll turn it off.

Because there are so many devices, each with its own set of settings, I've devised three techniques. Try them all to find out which one works best for you.

How to Remove Google Smart Lock on Instagram | Android

Method 1 

1) Launch the Settings App.

2) Find the Account section.

3) Under the Account section, tap on Google.

Google tab in settings

4) Tap on the Smart Lock for a password.

Password option

5) Select the Instagram app.

Blocking the instagram smart lock

After that, the Instagram app will no longer be protected by a smart lock.

Method 2

1) Launch the Settings App.

2) Find biometrics and fingerprints.

3) Other security settings

4) Trust agent.

5) Turn Off Smart Lock.

Trust Agent

If this method didn't work for you, try this third method.

Method 3

1) Launch the Settings app.

2) Under the Account section, tap on Google.


3) Tap "Manage your Google Account."

Manage google

4) Go to the security tab.

Security Tab

5) Find a password manager.

Password Manager

6) Tap on Instagram and turn off the Instagram app lock.


I hope one of these methods will work for you to turn off the smart lock from the Instagram app.

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