How to Change Twitch Display Name On [Pc, Mobile] 2023

How to Change Twitch Display Name On [Pc, Mobile] 2023

How to Change Twitch Display Name

Do you want to change your Twitch display name? But first, there are some restrictions to consider.

But first, what is the display name? It is a name which is shown in the chat section of the twitch. It is slightly different from the username.

Previously, you couldn't change your display name because it was the same as your username, but users demanded it, so Twitch came along and made the change on April 28, 2015. After April 28, the display name is available to change, but with some limitations.

Chat Update Article of Twitch: Read Here

And what is the limitation is that you can just customize capitalize whatever your username name is, but you can't change it whole. To do that, follow the tutorial.

How to Change Twitch Display Name (Mobile)

1) Open the Twitch App.

2) From the top right corner, tap on the "Profile Icon."

3) Tap on "Account Settings."

4) Then tap on "Account."

5) Click on "Edit Profile."

6) Then, by tapping on display, you'll find a display name option.

7) Modify the display name however you'd like.

How to Change Twitch Display Name (Desktop)

1) Go to twitch.


2) Click on "Profile" from the top right corner.

3) Click the "Settings" button.


4) You will be directed to the Profile Tab, which contains the display name field. Click on that field and simply change the display name as desired. 

Changing the Display name

Remember that you can capitalize and change it to a small alphabet, but you cannot completely change it.


1) Can I change my twitch display name?

Ans: Yes, sure you can change display name but not wholly to change follow this 

For Mobile : Open App > Profile Icon > Account Settings > Account > Edit Profile > Display Name.

For Desktop : Go to Twitch  > Profile Icon > Settings > Profile Tab > Display Name > Change > Save it.

2) I Can't able Change Display Name in Twitch?

Ans: If you're unable to change the display name, the cause could be that you're changing the whole display but you're not allowed to do that. You're just allowed to change the alphabets in the small and capital parts of a username.

3) What is the difference between Display name and Username in Twitch?

Ans: A Display Name is a name that appears in the Twitch chat window. It differs a little bit from the username. Usernames are always written in lowercase, and display names can be written in either lowercase or uppercase

Because the display name will be visible in the chat section, you can change it however you like. It looks better in chat if you change it to the upper or lower case, though.

4) How Often can you Change your Display Name on Twitch?

Ans: While you can only change your username once every 60 days, but you can change your display name as frequently as you want.

After reading this, I hope you'll be able to change your im not say it again display name. If you have any questions or have any difficulties changing the name, please leave them in the comments section. I will undoubtedly respond to your inquiry.

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