How To Pin A Comment On Instagram [Updated 2022]

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How To Pin A Comment On Instagram [Updated 2022]

Pin Comment is a fantastic feature that allows you to pin any comment that you liked and want to show others as well.

This feature came much later on Instagram, but it has already come to YouTube, although it has not come to Facebook yet.
So, if you want to pin a comment that has appeared in your post, follow this tutorial.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

1. Open the Instagram App
2. Tap on the profile icon from the bottom right corner.
3. Tap on any post that you want to 'pin' the comment off of.
4. Swipe left a little bit, then click on the pin icon to pin the comment.
By pinning the comment, you can show others what you like from most of the comments, and whoever has commented on the pin will get notified. But you can only pin three comments on a post, so keep that in mind also.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Live

1. Open the Instagram App.
2. Tap on Your Story Option.
3. Swipe and choose the live option to go live.
4. To pin, click on someone's comment and then on the pin comment option. That's it.

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