4 Best SEO Tools That Will Improve the Quality Of Your Blog Content

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Every Beginner Blogger Should Use These Free SEO Tools To Improve Their Content

What is the single most important factor that ranks your website? You will get the same answer every time you ask any experienced webmaster of blogger.

It’s none other than the quality of your blog content that generates revenue for you.

It’s high time you know the SEO tricks as well as tools to improve your blog’s quality. Read the article to learn about new SEO tools.

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Why is it necessary to improve your content’s quality?

If you are just starting then this question may help you in your future endeavors. Blogging isn’t just about setting up a blog website and jotting down random words in a bid to get awesome readers.

You will end up being vulnerable and in vain. With that said, it’s not rocket science to rank your website. You should know that content is king, which means you cannot surpass the hurdle of content creation.

To bell the cat, you have to embark upon the journey of creating top-notch content to outrank others in your field.

Therefore, it is necessary to create high-quality content because it is not only a Google ranking factor but also a magnet to attract the audience.

Let’s start from the search engine side. We typically focus on Google, as it is the leading search engine and has the highest market share among other search engines.

Therefore, once you get your content ranked on Google, you can easily rank it on other search engines. Talking about Google, it would be remiss not to discuss its mechanism.

Google has AI bots that crawl your content and index them based on its SEO practices.

Therefore, you have to take immense care of search engine optimization factors while writing content.

Google loves high-quality content and has enhanced its algorithms to measure your content’s quality.

For instance, its Panda algorithm especially takes care of your content’s quality and even penalizes your website if you create low-quality, shallow, or copied content.

Thus, copying someone or creating content carelessly, is simply a no-go area for bloggers.

On the flip side of the story, you have to retain your customers also. Developing a readership and retaining them is the key to becoming a successful blogger.

There is no use in getting a top rank in search results while your readers dislike your content. Your website will ultimately de-rank you, write for search engines and forget your readers.

User experience calibrates your content’s ranking, and the more your content gets views, the more its ranking improves.

In short, you have to write SEO-oriented, plagiarism-free, engaging, and understanding content to improve its quality and get yourself ranked in search results.

Best SEO tools to improve your content’s quality:

SEO does not end with some manual techniques; it also contains using online tools to get faster results.

Therefore, in this era of technology, it’s incumbent upon you to know the best SEO tools to make your content top-notch.


It would be unfair to ignore a plagiarism checker while talking about the best SEO tools. As of now, PrepostSEO not only provides one of the best plagiarism checkers but also gives services in more than one SEO area.


This plagiarism checker first gets your content, scans it, and then fetches the similarity across every webpage, research paper, scientific publication, and ebook.

That’s why it appears to be the best tool to improve your content’s quality by detecting copied content. As you know, plagiarism is a menace that reduces your content to zero and greatly disrupts your SEO.

You need to have a tool like PrepostSEO plagiarism checker in your toolset.

There are a lot of right reasons to use this tool. Among a host, the best one is it's free usage. You can use this tool for free without any registration to check 1000 words.

Moreover, it gives two different modes of free usage. You can use it as a visitor or you can register yourself for free to get 1500 words for free.

On the other hand, if you think the given word count is low, you can get its paid premium packages.

Apart from being inexpensive, it also gives accurate results a lightning speed.

If you want to improve your content’s quality by knowing the percentage of copied or paraphrased text, you must move on to such tools.

Paraphrasing tool—Linguix.com:

Even a season writer sometimes gets caught in writer’s block. Having no idea to write down is quite an alarming situation because it is what defines you as a writer.

Instead of grappling with content creation and ending up in plagiarism, it is better to move towards a paraphrasing tool like the one brought to you by Linguix.

Quality content has a peculiar style of engaging writing, so this tool appears to be the best one as it helps you create unique content in more than one mode.

You can expand, shorten, write in formal style, or create creative content anytime, anywhere with this tool.

Although it is available for small word count as a free tool, you can get extraordinary benefits with premium packages with a meagre price of $8 to $ 10.

Rephrase your content to remove plagiarism and enhance its readability with this incredible tool. Finally, you can manually change the rephrased text further with its vocabulary enhancer.

Hemingway text editor:

Grammar is the key ingredient for every successful contentstrategy. A badly written text is nothing but scrambled words that mean nothing to search engines and create no impact on your readers.


So, it is better to avoid grammatical mistakes. Despite being a seasoned writer, you may commit grammatical mistakes every once in a while.

When you are writing at a speed, you may commit grammar mistakes unknowingly. In this way, editing becomes a cumbersome task as you have to fetch for those mistakes.

Instead, you can use an editing tool like Hemingway's, to remove errors in real-time.

You need not worry about hidden mistakes as this tool highlights each and every error and helps you remove it in seconds.

Another important factor that necessitates the use of this grammar checker is its readability option. It provides a readability score that tells you whether your content is worth reading or not.

Article Rewriter:

Article rewriter has been the torchbearer in enhancing SEO tools to produce high-quality content. Therefore, equipping with AI, this article rewriter spins your text to give humanized text.

Article Rewriter

Unlike other article rewriters, this first understands the text and then replaces it with suitable synonyms.

Therefore, it is one of the best tools to remove plagiarism and gives unique content. Content uniqueness is the holy grail of SEO, and Google loves out-of-the-box insights and ranks them to the top.

It is a complete package as it not only provides a plagiarism remover but also gives you a sentence fixing and grammar checking mode.

You can get all the essential tools on one platform with this article rewriter. Given a host of language options, this tool has great versatility.

Its AI features make it the best tool of the time that improves your website’s SEO/

Final Words:

Every blogger needs to know the ins and outs of content quality. After all, what you see on the internet is content. So content has double implications for a blogger.

High-quality content is bound to get a bulk of traffic and a firm ranking position on Google. So, being a blogger, you have to know the tools that can create such content.

For instance, a plagiarism checker finds out copied content, a paraphrasing tool and article rewriter similarity, and a grammar checker tweaks your sentence structure and grammar issues.

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