How to create twitch account or channel

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create your free twitch account and get started streaming your gameplay online. 1)The first step is to searc
create twitch account

Do you enjoy playing video games? And want the platform to showcase it then, 

A twitch will best for you to show what you're doing through live streaming

But the question is how to create a twitch channel?

This is the tutorial for the same. You will learn how to make a Twitch channel and customize it in this tutorial.

How to Create a twitch channel 

(1) The first step is to search for in your browser.
(2) Click the Sign-up button at the top right corner of the page.
(3) Then Signup by entering necessary information such as username, password, email, date of birth.
Note: If the username cannot be unique, you will not be able to register. 
(4) Copy the verification from your email account and paste it on the website.

Twitch account settings

After creating an account on twitch, you will have to do some settings on your twitch account. So, these are the settings.

Select the settings option from the dropdown menu by clicking on the account icon.
(1) Upload the profile picture and banner.
(2) Scroll the cursor to the end and enter the profile information such as Display name, Bio.
(3) From the upper menu, select channels and videos add a social link.
(4) From the Sidebar, select stream and do these settings as follow:
If you put any mature content to your channel, then enable the mature content option if, not. Then leave it as it is. Switch to low latency mode from the option of latency. Then in the VOD settings, turn on store past broadcast by enabling, this setting. Your stream will be saved for 14 days.

After this setting, your channel will be ready for streaming videos.