How to get rid of YouTube shows mobile mode to desktop

Want to access the desktop version YouTube to your mobile then follow these steps.
How to get rid of

Do you want to access the desktop version from your mobile to use youtube studio? Then, just follow the tutorial below.

1. Open any browser. 

2. Search for YouTube on Google.

3. Tap on three dots and tick on a desktop version.

After taping on the desktop version, the website will reload. You can access the desktop version from your mobile easily.

How to change YouTube view from desktop to mobile on android?

Just Tap on the three dots again and un-tick the desktop version option.

How to get rid of  YouTube show as a mobile version on a PC browser?

1) Open any browser (Chrome recommended).
2) Search for YouTube 
3) Click on the lock icon.
4) Click on cookies.
5) Delete or block the cookies.
6) Click on reload button to reload the webpage.
You will be able to use the youtube desktop version as default by following these steps. You can see the video tutorial for the same.