How to Batch Edit Photos on iPhone

How to Batch Edit Photos on iPhone

How to Batch Edit Photos on iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is widely known for its improved security and advanced features, promising exceptional performance. One of its valuable features is the facility to batch edit photos iPhone saves in the Photos application.

The awesome copy-and-paste editing options make it easy and quick to edit multiple pictures on iPhone. To add new capabilities to the iPhone’s Photos app, Apple is constantly bringing the latest features. Batch editing allows editing and resizing photos in bulk with uniformity.

Need to Edit Multiple Photos

iPhone’s latest versions have photo-editing features to add some extra appealing look to your images and convert HEIC to PNG. But, the problem occurs when you like a specific filter and wish to apply it to several images. Luckily, you don’t need to suppress this wish anymore.

Changing multiple photos with similar adjustments is possible with bulk edit photos functionality. You don’t require anything else. It helps in saving editing time and organizing photos properly. Let’s keep reading to know this batch edit feature and its works.

Bulk Editing Photos Feature

This is a new feature from the latest iOS 16 update. It provides the ability to batch or bulk edit photos in a go. Using this feature, you can copy the edits made in a specific image and apply similar ones to several photos. The same changes can be applied with one click.

The feature to batch edit photos iPhone has is highly useful for editors and photographers. You can use the same feature to bulk edit videos on iPhones running the supported version.

Edit Multiple Photos on iOS 16

Launch the Photo's application on your iPhone running iOS 16. Select a picture and click Edit. Do the necessary editing and click Done. In the top-right panel, hit the 3-dots (…) icon. Then, tap on the Copy Edits button. To view all the images, select the back arrow.

Next, click Select and pick all the images you need to paste or apply the editing. Again, click the three-dot icon found on the bottom side. At last, click the Paste Edits option. After this, you’ll get a message that required editing has been made to the chosen pictures.

Meet the Criteria Before Mass Edit Photos

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Remember that the bulk edit feature will require a set of changes. All the editing and settings you do in a single photo will be considered a group of modifications. The same changes will be applied by the system to other pictures.

Your iPhone will copy and paste the same changes onto multiple photos. Hence, you will require a minimum of two pictures to do the same editing. One will be the original picture you make changes to. The second is, onto which the group of editing is pasted.

Advantages of Batch Editing

There are so many benefits of bulk editing photos on your iPhone. It will assist you in saying goodbye to the painful and time-consuming experience of changing every single image required manually.

You can batch edit and see photos in real-time up to a number of pictures. It helps in saving an array of options. For example, file format or file size, saving the changed copy, or changing the original.

Use Batch Editing as Time saver

Mass editing can prove a real time saver for you. This is significantly useful when you want the same appearance to be available on multiple images. It would help enhance the brightness of a collection of pictures captured on the beach.

Not just that, but it could be extremely useful for all the pictures that are taken under the same situations. For instance, go for high-contrast black & white and striking appearance by increasing the contrast and black point.

Edit Live and Dark Photos

How to Batch Edit Photos on iPhone

The iPhone also provides the chance to edit live images, just like other photos or videos. To do so, access the required picture and choose Edit. Move between Bounce or standard live playback.

You can also go for editing dark pictures on your iPhone. The Night Mode functionality allows low-light photography on iPhone 11 or later versions. For previous versions, use the general editing mode.

The Conclusion

This is all about how to mass-edit pictures on your iPhone. The batch photos edit ability will let you capture hundreds of images and modify them accordingly at once. Using this iPhone feature, you no longer need to use any third-party editing applications out there.

Note that to use the bulk or batch editing feature, you will need an iPhone with iOS 16 or higher version. This feature will not be accessible if you are not using an iPhone with this OS version. If you don’t like the editing, click Edit, and tap on Revert on a photo to come back to the real one.
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