How To Disable "People You May Know" On Facebook [2023]

How To Disable "People You May Know" On Facebook [2023]

How To Disable "People You May Know" On Facebook

Are you frustrated with the people you may know suggestion because it is showing some faces that you never seen in your life and don't what to see it. 

So in this situation you can just turn off this suggestion so that you will not feel frustrated again and if you're not frustrated let me share what to do feel in the comment section and do you think this section should work properly in the future or it should deleted by the facebook because it is totally wasted.

Let's see how you can disable these suggestions that won't like

How To Disable "People You May Know" On Mobile

1. Open the Facebook App.

2. Tap on the Hamburger Menu / Three Horizontal Line Menu.

3. Scroll down and tap on the Settings & Privacy Option.

4. Tap on the Settings Option.

5. Search for the Notification Tab in the Settings.

6. Tap on the Notification Settings Option.

7. You will find a People you may know option tap on it.

8. Toggle off this option Allow notification on Facebook.

But wait Meme

How to Disable "People You May Know" Permanently

By following the above steps you will be only able to disable the suggestion of notifications but to disable it permanently you have to disable the location access so that facebook won't be able to show you the suggestion.

1. Open the Facebook App.

2. Tap on the Three Horizontal Line Menu.

3. Tap on Settings & Privacy then Settings.

4. Search for Privacy Section then tap on location option.

5. Location Access > Location Services.

6. Permissions > Location 

7. Deny. 

That's it, you're away of those unknown and frustrating faces.   

How To Disable "People You May Know" On Desktop

1. Visit

2. In the top right corner, click the Profile icon.

3. Select the settings by clicking on Settings & Privacy.

4. In the sidebar, select the notification option.

5. Look for "people you may know."

6. Deactivate the "Allow Facebook notifications" box.


1) How do I temporarily disable it?

Ans: Tap the three dots next to "people you may know" and select "Hide people you may know" to temporarily disable it. It will temporarily disable the suggestion.

2) What are some people you may know on Facebook ?

Ans: Facebook has a feature called "People you may know" that lists users based on things like shared interests and friends.

In the section titled "People you may know," you can see a list of everyone who is similar to you. The suggestions can be removed if you don't like them or you can tap on them to send a request to your friends.

3) Do people you may know on Facebook visit your profile?

Ans: Not all of them have probably looked at your profile. The individuals who appear in the "people you may know" section may or may not have looked at your profile. It displays recommendations based on your friends and interests. These people are shown for that reason.

4) How does Facebook determine who you may or may not know?

Ans: Facebook makes recommendations for people you might know based on your common friends, your activity (such as pages and posts), your profile information and network (such as your city, school, or place of employment), and the contacts you've added to the app.


I hope you found this tutorial useful. In the end, I would say that you cannot permanently disable the people you may section, but you can hide it temporarily from the news feed. In the case of notification, email, and SMS, you can do that and disable it permanently, but it is not possible for the news feed because Facebook does not allow it.

I hope that after reading this, you will disable the people you may suggest. Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section if you have any trouble disabling the suggestions. I will, without a doubt, respond to your questioning.

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I am Saquib Shaikh, a professional writer with 3 years of experience in writing social media how-tos. I am also an avid reader and a social media helper.

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