How To Merge Internal Storage To Sd Card (Miui, Redmi)

How To Merge Internal Storage To Sd Card (Miui, Redmi)

Are you annoyed by this Android message, your storage space is running out, and you're trying to hide it by swiping the notification and deleting all the apps you love? Don't worry, because in this tutorial I'll show you how to merge your tiny internal storage with a non-used and dusty sd card, which is not used on your smartphone and is only attached to your phone.

So, let's see what steps you can take to merge storage.

How To Merge Internal Storage To Sd Card (Miui, Redmi)

1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the "Activty Launcher" app.

Activity Launcher

Open the Play Store app and search for the Activity Laucher app in the search box.

2. Launch the app and press the search icon.

Activity Launcher App

The search icon can be found in the app's upper right corner.

3. Search for Files.

Search for files in the app's search bar.

4. Tap on the second number file.

Files Option

After searching for files in the search box, you will see several options for files written in the file drop-down; choose the second one.

5. Select your SD Card from the hamburger menu.

Sd Card

6. After selecting the SD card, you will see all of the files stored on the SD card by tapping on the three dots menu from the top right corner. The pop-up window will display various options. Select "Storage Settings" from the options.

Storage Settings

7. "Format as Internal".

Format As Internal

After selecting "Storage Settings", you will see how much memory is available on the SD card and, below that, the "format as internal" option.

Formatting the SD card can take anywhere from seconds to minutes. So give it that much time. Nothing should be done while formatting. When the formatting is complete, it will prompt you to transfer the content; simply select the move content option to transfer data to the SD Card.

Video Solution


If your storage was full before merging, you will still see the storage problem. And you won't be able to see this option if your Android is an older version.

After reading this, I hope you'll be able to merge your internal storage with external storage (SD Card). If you have any questions or have any difficulties when merging the storage, please leave them in the comments section. I will undoubtedly respond to your inquiry.

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