3 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1,000 Rs [2023]

3 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1,000 Rs [2023]

3 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1,000 Rs

Looking for a gaming mouse under 1,000 rs. Before coming to this blog post probably you have searched on amazon and Flipkart you see many types of mice, but you are not able to choose from them and you are getting confused about which mouse to buy.

Don't worry, just have a look at this list of the mice and after this, you will be able to quickly know which mouse is good for you, but the condition is for me it should be under 1,000 rs.

There are maybe many reasons for buying a gaming mouse just like you want it for playing games like Minecraft, or you want to make the change because you're bored of the office mouse.

Whatever the reason this, is for, you just tell me in the comment section.

If you have made your intention to buy a gaming mouse then first also know what it would be used for.

I am pretty sure many of you already knew what it is used for, but for the newbie it is necessary to know.

What is Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is a special type of mouse which is made for gamers; it is not for simple usage just like an office mouse, because it has heavy usage of clicking and scrolling.

It always has a changeable button on the mouse for changing DPI. DPI is nothing but the speed of the cursor; the higher the DPI the higher the speed of the cursor, generally the DPI of the gaming mouse is high because playing any sort of game requires the most of the mouse.

So I hope now you're well aware of what a gaming mouse is, so let's move forward to see which mouse is good for you.

1) Redgear A20

Redgear A20

The first mouse on the list is the Redgear A20. This Mouse is the finest Mouse you can get in this price range since it just costs 600 rupees, which is amazing, plus the product is an Amazon pick, so you don't have to worry about anything. 

The mouse's build quality is extremely nice, not cheap like some other mice. It contains RGB lighting that can be adjusted using the Redgear software.

Yes, you read that correctly; it comes with software at this price range, which is surprising. The mouse also has a changeable DPI button at the top and two Programmable buttons on the right side, which you can program using the software. 

Overall, the mouse looks very good, and you will not notice that it costs only 600 rupees when you use it.


  • DPI - 4800
  • RGB Lighting - Yes 
  • Software - Yes 
  • Button- Two Programmable 
  • Weight- 225 g

2)  Cosmic Byte Gravity

Cosmic Byte Gravity

Another mouse is from cosmic byte, which is a well-known and reputable company. It is ranked second on my list, but don't think it isn't as excellent as the first because it has all of the functions that a mouse should have. 

It is also a different mouse with different lighting, it is a very lightweight mouse and the second point is that its DPI can be raised up to 6400 which is extremely smooth; it also has Programmable buttons, despite the Redgear A20 only having two buttons, it has four programmable buttons, The hand fill is excellent, and the mouse looks fantastic. 

Overall, the mouse is the best gaming mouse. 


  • DPI - 6400
  • RGB Lighting - Yes 
  • Software - Yes 
  • Button- Four Programmable 
  • Weight - 85 g 

3) Legion M200

Legion M200

Last but not least, the mouse comes from Lenovo. Lenovo is a well-known corporation, and you may have heard of it. So they developed a gaming Mouse series called Legion M series, and in the series, they have a Mouse named legion m200, which is under 1000 rupees, or almost under 1000 rupees because it costs 999 rupees. Although it generally costs 999 rupees, you may find the rate lower when there is an offer.

The mouse has a stunning appearance, with seven RGB lighting settings that can be changed via software. 

The RGB appearance is quite different from other mice since most mice have RGB on the backside. But Lenovo Mouse has all of the RGB light at its button and has a techie design on it, which means it is a distinctive-looking Mouse with a DPI of up to 2400

It also contains a DPI button and two programmable buttons, just like the Red Gear A 20. Overall, the mouse is wonderful for gaming, but it is rather expensive.


  • DPI - 2400
  • RGB Lighting - Yes 
  • Software - Yes 
  • Button- Two Programmable
  • Weight- 150 g 
That's all. I hope you like my list, and please share your thoughts on how you would rank the mouse.

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My name is Saquib Shaikh and I am a Technology enthusiast. I like to write about everything from smartphones to tech gadgets.

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