How To Turn Off Inverted Colors On iPhone [2023]

How To Turn Off Inverted Colors On iPhone [2023]

How To Turn Off Inverted Colors On iPhone

Is your iPhone screen displaying inverted colors because you accidentally activated the inverted color option, or is your iPhone screen appearing strange? Then, to disable the inverted color option, follow the steps mentioned below.

How can I disable color invert on my iPhone?

1. Open the Settings application.

2. Scroll down or search for the accessibility option, and then choose it.

3. Select the display and text size options from the Accessibility tab.

4. Disable the classic invert option.

You'll have another option named "smart invert" in addition to the classic invert option. The main difference is that the classic invert option alters all of your phone's colors, while the smart invert option simply inverts the color of select objects, thus, if you have enabled any of these two options, you will see a difference in your iPhone. So, if you want your phone to look normal, disable these two settings.

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