How to Delete Bigo Live Account Permanently

How to Delete Bigo Live Account Permanently

So if you want to delete your Bigo Live account because you don't use the Bigo app or don't want to use it further, simply follow this tutorial to delete your Bigo Live account permanently. By the way, you can also delete the app, but it will not delete your account, which will not give you satisfaction. For your satisfaction, you need to delete it permanently. After that, you can do anything. Let's jump to the tutorial.

1. On your smartphone, launch the Bigo Live app.

2. Click on the profile icon. You can see it at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click on the "my post" option.

4. As soon as you click on my post, you will get all the posts that you have posted on the bigo app. Delete all posts from my post section. After that, swipe left. You will get the option of liked, where the post you have liked will appear. Unlike them too.

5. Pressed the back button, then went to the profile option, then to the settings option, and finally to the notification option.

6. Disable all notification permissions.

7. Navigate to the Privacy tab and deactivate all of the settings that are enabled.

8. Lastly, go to the settings option and click on the logout option.

After following these steps, you have to delete the Bigo Live app because there is no delete option in the Bigo Live app. So this is what you have to follow. After following these steps, you will not get any notification or anything related to it, which means it has been deleted account-like.
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