How to Sign Out of Minecraft PE (Simple Steps)

How to Sign Out of Minecraft PE (Simple Steps)

Do you want to logout of your Minecraft account because some problem has occurred in that account, and do you have any other account to which you want to log in? So you are in the right place. Here I am going to tell you how you can log out of the account.

1. Launch the Minecraft PE application.

2. Click on "Settings."

3. From the settings, click on the profile tab, then tap on logout from Xbox Account.

After following the given steps, you will be successfully logged out of your Minecraft account, and if you want to log in again, you can follow the above steps again to log in. For login, all you need is your account name.


1) How do you sign out of Minecraft PE?

Ans. To log out of your Minecraft PE account, first, open your Minecraft app, press the settings option, then go to the profile tab, click on logout.

2) How do you change accounts on Minecraft PE?

Ans. To change your Minecraft account, first, go to the Settings option, log out, and then enter the name of your Xbox Live account.

3) How to sign out of your Minecraft account?

Ans. To sign out of the Minecraft bedrock, follow this: Navigate to Settings > Profile > Manage Account > From Xbox, click on settings > Logout.

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