How to Logout From All Devices or Other Devices (2023)

How to Logout From All Devices or Other Devices (2023)

How to Logout From All Devices or Other Devices

Have you logged into your Gmail account from another device, which means not from your own device but from another device, but you forgot to log out from it? 

Or maybe you just want to check if Gmail is logged in with other devices and you want to log out of those devices for security reasons.

Don't worry, just follow these steps to log off from the devices that you don't want to be logged into.

It is quite amazing that Google has added this feature to all its Gmail users. This is a good thing in terms of security, because this is a matter that people care about when they are online, which is nothing but security..

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Let's see how you can do the same.

These are steps that you can follow to logout Account icon > Manage Your Google Account > Security Tab > Devices Tab > Manage Devices > Sign Out. These steps are, in short, if you want to go in detail, you can follow the steps below.

How to Log Out From All Devices (PC) 

1) Open your browser and make sure you are logged into your Gmail account.

2) Click on the Account icon, then click on the manage your Google Account button. You can find that option just below your Gmail Id.

Manage Your Account

3) From the sidebar of Google Account Dashboard, choose Security.


4) Scroll down to the devices tab, then click on the manage devices option.

Manage Device

5) Choose the device that you want to log out from then click on the three dots and select the sign-out option. 

Sign out

If you follow the steps above, you can log out of all your devices. However, you'll have to log out from one device at a time since there isn't an option to log out all at once. 

How to Log Out From All Devices (Mobile)

1) Navigate to the settings app and open it.


2) Scroll down to find out Account tab, then tap on the google option.


3) Then tap on the Manage Your Google Account option.

Manage Your Account

4) Click on the security tab, then scroll down to find the devices tab.


5) Select the Manage devices option. It will be listed under the devices section.

Manage Your Account

6) Click on the three dots and select the sign-out option.

Sign out

After following these steps you will be able to log-out. 

Once you've done this, if you want to make your Gmail account more secure, you can add a two-step verification to your account.

The two-step verification method works by asking you for a password, then sending you a choice between yes and no to your device. After you choose yes, Gmail receives a request for permission to access your account. Then Gmail gets unlocked. You have to do this process every time you login. It is basically an extra layer of security.

To enable, follow the steps below.

1) Click on the Account icon and then click on the manage your google account option.

2) From the Sidebar, select the security option.

3) Click on the 2- Step Verification option.

4) Click on the get started, button then enter your account password.

5) Enter your mobile number and select the option by which you want to get the code; there are two options phone call or code. I recommend the code option.

6) Then you will receive a code or phone call as whatever you have selected, enter the code that you received and click on next.

7) Last but not least, turn on two-step verification.  

After doing this, whenever you try to login. Google will ask you to enter a password and send the Yes and No options to your device.                        

I hope you're able to follow the steps properly. If you find any difficulty in following the steps, let me know in the comment section.

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