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If you're finding a theme for your blogger blog then Fletro Pro will be the best choice for you because it provides various features that only a wordpress blog theme provides and seriously, you cannot find the theme better than this . The main thing that attracts is that it's clean UI and fast loading. These two things are the very important aspects of any theme.

So let's see what are the features that are included in fletro pro which differs it from the other themes of blogger 

Table of Contents

1) Clean UI Better UX

The theme has a very clean interface, the main color of the theme is white and because of that color it looks very minimalistic and it gets a better User Experience (UX).

2) Table of Content

The second thing that we should consider is the table of contents. In Fletro Pro there are two options by which you can use a table of content in your blog post. First is manual in that you have to do some coding in that and you have to go manually. But I don't recommend going manually because it creates a lot of mess to install a table of content.

But you can follow the second method in which you have to just paste the code where you want to install a table of content in the blog post. Which is quite easier to install than a manual one. Although they have named it semi automatic. But it takes very little time to install it.

TOC is the way by which you can increase the user time, it means visitors will stick to your site for a longer time and which can probably increase the ranking also. 

Toc’s are not provided by many of the theme providers, but Fletro Pro provides it and you can use it very simply. 

3) Fast Loading

A theme's fast loading is the foremost feature that must be present, because a website's fast loading can either increase rankings or decrease them depending on how fast it loads.

In my case I have used many of the templates. But after using and applying them on my blog, it always disappoints me because after using them the speed of my blog decreases drastically. The main reason for ‌the ‌dip in ‌load speed is ads. 

When we see a template in a preview it just shows a theme in which there are no ads installed so after I analyze the theme in google page speed of that previewed version it shows load time good and fast. 

But in ‌reality, if you install ads on that theme, it's loading time decreases very drastically. 

But after using Fletro Pro, I didn't have any issue with these things because the theme is very fast loading even if the ads are installed. 

I have also used some techniques to increase my blog speed,even after ‌using fletro pro you can read it here. 

 4) Ad Slots

In Fletro Pro there are various AD Slots which are pre-made which allows you to install adsense ads very easily. 

As the ad slots are readymade, it gives you a higher CPC and higher CTR, which is great for monetization. 

5) Codebox

If you frequently use codes in your blog post. Then you will definitely need the code box feature and you’re thinking of how you can install it on blog but after using fletro pro you’ll not have to think much about the code box because you can install code box easily by using only one script.

6) Post Break

This feature is not provided by any of the blogger theme providers. By using post-break you can break a post into several parts. It is a great feature because it makes it easier for the visitor to read. 

7) Related Post

This theme also provides related post features by using related posts. You can increase the session of your blog because the audience who is reading the post might also have interest in other posts also, so it probably increases the session of a blog.

8) Dark Mode

There is a dark mode option also by which the user can use it whenever the visitor is. Reading your blog at ‌night 

9) Table

Fletro Pro also provides table features You can use this table feature to enter the data in your blog post. This feature is not available in any other template and if you find it let me know in the comment section. 

10) Author Profile

The last feature that I want you to know is that author profile jago desain has designed the author profile quite simple but very good looking.

There are also various features in the fletro pro; you can read it below. I have just highlighted the main features.

Other Features

  • Fast Loading 
  • SVG Icons 
  • Dark mode 
  • Footer
  • Responsive
  • Adsense Friendly
  • Cross- Browser Compatible 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Easy to Customize 
  • Lazy Load Image
  • Lazy Youtube Video
  • Author Box
  • Disqus Comment 
  • Share Button
  • In Feed Ads Homepage
  • Anchor Ads
  • Sticky Sidebar 
  • Labels
  • Email Widget

Blogger Theme Customization Service

Don't know how to edit themes? We can do this work for you and we will edit your template professionally. Please fill out the form below to request an editing service. 
We charge only 200 rupees for theme editing. So please fill out the form, and as soon as you do, we will send you an email, and once your theme is ready, we will request payment, and as soon as you do, we will send you your theme.

My name is Saquib Shaikh and I am a Technology enthusiast. I like to write about everything from smartphones to tech gadgets.

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