13 Best Useful Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

13 Best Useful Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity

13 Best Useful Chrome Extension That Everybody Should Have Right Now

If you want to improve the browsing of your Chrome browser, then these extensions will be very useful for you to improve it.

So this is some list of useful chrome-extensions which can now be easily downloaded from chrome web store and used easily.


This extension can be very useful for you if you use Instagram daily. But for some reason you use Instagram, not from mobile but from desktop then it may be difficult for you to upload any photo or video because you are using Instagram desktop version can't do much in, and by applying some tricks, you can only upload photos, but uploading videos is impossible.

So to overcome this problem, you can use INSSIST chrome-extension with the help of this extension. You will be able to run Instagram easily from your PC, you will be able to upload any photos or videos stories. I think this extension is very cool, if you are a fan of Instagram then.

2. Watoolkit

So if you use WhatsApp on your desktop and you have to change the tab frequently to see notifications, then you will not have to do this now because with the help of this extension you can see any message only and only by hovering the mouse to the extension icon. And the great thing is it gives you the message even when Chrome is closed. so what thing is it useful, tell me in the comment section now.

3. Extensity

Do you have a lot of chrome-extensions in your chrome browser and do you know that due to more chrome-extensions, Chrome starts running slow, you must have known that and you must have experienced it; then to prevent this thing, you can use this chrome extension. With the help of this extension, you can enable the extension that you want to use and disable those extensions which you do not want to use at the present time.

4. I don't care about cookies

Hearing the name I Don't Care About Cookies, you must have come to know that this extension blocks cookies, so you heard it wrong; it does not block cookies. It blocks its consent message that you see while visiting any website. Always accepting and closing cookies messages is very frustrating, so you can use this extension to overcome this. After using this you will not have to click on, accept and close cookies option at all.

5. Keepa

This extension is for Amazon shoppers, so if you frequently shop on Amazon but also frequently visit Amazon to check for price drops on products you need to buy. You won't have to do so because of this extension. You can track the price of any Amazon product, and this extension will notify you when your Desire price arrives. You can use this extension to keep track of the pricing of any Amazon product, as well as its history.

6. Share Account

If you ever need to share your Netflix account or other accounts with a buddy but don't want him to know your password, you may use this extension to do so. It allows you to share your account with anyone without disclosing your password; you simply need to ensure that both parties have installed the extension; after that, you can share your account with anyone, whether family or friends, without sharing your password.

7. Whatfont 

If you're a content creator who makes videos or blogs and you like a font and want to use it in your video but you don't know what it's called, you may use the extension to find out what font is on screen. With the help of this extension, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the text to retrieve the font's name.

8. The Great Suspender

If you open a lot of tabs while using Chrome browser and also forget that it has to be closed too. So this extension can be very useful for you because what this extension does is that you suspend the tabs which you are not using; because of that it uses less memory and you can browse smoothly without any lags.

In this extension, you are given the option of suspending the time, which you can keep for any number of hours according to your wish; after that, as soon as those hours are completed, then that tab will be suspended automatically.

9. Dark Reader

Do you spend all day and night on your computer reading or watching videos? If that's the case, you should enable dark mode, which is now available on a number of websites. Other websites, on the other hand, do not have this option; therefore you can use the dark reader extension to turn them dark. To keep your eyes from straining and to give them a rest while you're on the internet.

10. Awesome Screenshot

If you have a YouTube channel in which you record how-to videos and or you share a report to your company, then this extension can be useful for you because with this extension you can record the screen of your Chrome. You can easily save recordings and screenshots in the cloud or on your computer or Google Drive, isn't it this a useful extension?

11. Email Tracker

Do you want to track your mail? This implies you want to know if your email has been seen or not by the recipient, as there is no option in Gmail to see if the email you sent has been seen or not. Otherwise, you can know about this with the help of this extension, which is accessible for Android, iOS, and desktop.

12. One Tab

So do you open many tabs in your chrome browser and you find it difficult to switch them, then you can use onetab chrome-extension, by using this extension, you can bring all your open tabs in one tab page. After which you will be able to switch it easily and it will also use very less memory of your Computer and one great thing is that you can also restore all the tabs in one click.

13. Ugly Email

So, if you read the post correctly, you will remember that I mentioned an email tracker extension a while back that helps in the tracking of emails; this extension is the inverse of that; it does not allow the tracker to track the information about mail is seen or not. You can also utilize this extension in specific instances, such as if you have privacy concerns or suspect that someone is tracking you.

I hope you find these 13 chrome extensions useful, and if you know of any other useful extensions that you use, please let us know in the comments section.
I am Saquib Shaikh, a professional writer with 3 years of experience in writing social media how-tos. I am also an avid reader and a social media helper.

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