How To Find Battery Capacity Of Android Device

How To Find Battery Capacity Of Android Device

How To Find Battery Capacity Of Android Device

Would you like to check the battery capacity of your Android device? You can't find the box of your Android smartphone because you just threw it away. And Now finding a battery capacity option in the settings app but can't find it yet. 

So don't worry, hold on, just follow the simple steps below to get what you want and what it is obviously battery capacity of android.

Before we proceed, let's see what the battery capacity is. The capacity is usually measured in milliampere hours (mAH). Most likely, a battery with a high mAh will run longer than one with a low mAh. The higher the mAh, the better the battery backup.

Usually a 5,000 mAh battery is a good amount of battery capacity because if you use your mobile with 5,000 mAH then it will run for longer time. 

Before buying, the smartphone must take attention to this thing also. And if you want to know how much time the 5,000 battery can last so it can last up to 8 hours when !!! When you just play the game continuously. Although it can run all day for the rational person, and I think you're the rational person.

If your battery mAh is less, your phone will probably shut down quickly. If, however, you have a 5,000 mAH battery and your phone's battery is draining rapidly; you need to optimize it. 

The main problem is that you didn't know the capacity, then you would know what to do. So let's find out how you can find that. 

How to Find Battery Capacity of Android Device

1. Open Settings Apps from the App Drawer.
2. Tap on the About phone section in the settings app. This can be found at the top of the app or at the end, depending on your device.
3. In the About Phone option you'll find an option called battery information. Just click on that option to know the mAH of the battery.

You can also find this option by using the second method. Also, here it is 

1. Open Settings app.
2. Tap on the Search icon.
3. Search for battery and click on the result.

Now you know what the battery's capacity is. 

How to Optimize Battery Performance.

Now that you know what mAh of smartphone you have. But if you found your mAH higher and still getting your battery draining fast, then you'll need to optimize it. Here is the ways by which optimize your battery.

Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

When you turn off Wi-Fi and bluetooth, it doesn't stop scanning and, because of scanning, your battery is draining in the background. To turn off that you just need to drag the Wi-Fi or bluetooth option for sometime and then you will see options such as Wi-Fi scanning and bluetooth scanning just turn off to optimize your battery.


If your phone has over 2 or 3 accounts then probably you will get messages from all of them, and because that it can also drain battery to resolve this, you can turn off the sync of some accounts.


If you feel vibration when you receive messages or calls, then it can also result in a drain. So to prevent this, you can turn off vibration and this will also save your battery too.

Data And Wifi

Data and Wi-Fi can also be a culprit of draining Because so many apps use data and Wi-Fi in the background. For example, in the Play Store it automatically updates the app in the background. Although you can turn it off .But there are some apps that you can't do this with, you can turn off the Wi-Fi and Data when you are not using it.

Black Wallpaper

There are many smartphones in the market which have amoled display, so if you have amoled display. You can save your battery more by just using a black wallpaper. To find which screen type your mobile you can search in the google just type your mobile name.

I hope you're can find mAH of your Android and also able to optimize it.

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