The Ultimate Guide To Making A Blogger Blog For Free 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Making A Blogger Blog For Free 2023

How to Create Blogger Blog For Free

If you love to write, and you have good knowledge about something. So you can start your own blog. In which you can write related to your interest. If you fulfill the requirements related to this line, then you can create your own blog.

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a type of website. In which articles are written on a specific topic which is written by an ordinary person. A solution to a query is written on the blog, which is searched by people on Google.

How to start blogging?

There are two methods to begin blogging. Blogger is the first option. Blogger allows you to start your own free blog. 

WordPress is the second option. So, if you're a newbie who wants to start blogging while also learning how to blog, then blogger is good to go. 

As a result, I recommend that you begin with Blogger. Because you don't have to make any initial investment with blogger; by the initial investment, I mean, you don't have to buy a domain or hosting, and it's really simple to use.

WordPress, on the other hand, will require you to purchase both a domain and hosting. WordPress is an excellent blogging platform, but you should only use it if you already know how to blog.

If you want to learn more about cms, web design, and other related topics, go to They have a lot of useful information.

How to Make a Blog on Blogger 2022

To create a blog on Blogger, you will need a Google account, so make sure that you have a Google account.

(1) First, go to google and search for  "blogger" in Google 

Google Search

(2) Click on the first result.

Blogger Search Result

(3) Click on Sign-in.
(4) Write the title and domain name of your blog.

Domain Setup in Blogger
Domain setup in blogger

While typing the domain name, you may get the error that the domain is not available. If you see this error. You have to write another domain name instead so that you do not see this error.

You see this error because the domain of every website is unique, so if you write someone else's domain name, then the blogger website shows you this error. 

(5) Click on Create.
After following these steps, your blog is ready. But after creating a blog, you have to do some SEO Settings. 

SEO means (Search Engine Optimization). By setting up Search Engine Optimization, you can optimize your blog for Google. So follow these steps carefully.

SEO Settings 

(1) Go to the Dashboard of Blogger.
(2) Click on the Settings tab from the Sidebar.

Settings Tab Blogger

(3) Scroll the mouse and go to the meta tags section and turn on the search description.

Meta Tags Blogger

(4) Go to the Crawlers and Indexing section and turn on both these settings:- 

Crawling and index blogger
  • Enable custom robots.txt 
  • Enable custom robots header tags  
(5) After that, you will see some more three options:-
  • Home page tags
  • Archive and search page tags 
  • Post and page tags 
By clicking on one of these options, turn on these settings.

Home page tags- All- ☑, Noodp-☑
Archive and search page tags- Noindex- ☑, Noodp-☑.
Post and page tags- All-☑, Noodp-☑.

Now you can write articles on your blog, but if you want to make your blog professional then you have to buy a top-level domain.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique name for a blog that allows Google to easily recognize it. Also, to identify a user.

Any blog's domain name is unique, and it can only be used once by a single person, and it cannot be used by two people at the same time. is an example of a domain name.

In which WWW stands for World Wide Web. An example contains your blog name: and .com is a top-level domain name extension.

What is a Top-Level Domain Name?

A top-level domain name has a higher rank than a lower-level domain. Only top-level domain names are ranked by Google. So before purchasing a domain name, ensure that it is a top-level domain.

Here is the List of Top-Level Domain Names:-
  • .com (Mostly Used)
  • .ru
  • .org
  • .net
  • .ir
  • .in
  • .uk
  • .au
  • .ua
  • .de
  • .biz 
  • .tech 
  • .me 

Where to buy a domain name? 

You can purchase a domain name from a domain provider. Some domain name providers are GoDaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, and Big Rock. After purchasing a domain name, you must link it to your blog.

How to connect domain name to blogger?

1) To connect the domain name, first go to the settings section and click on the custom domain name and write the name of your purchased domain name.

2) After that, you will see an error like this, "You have not been authorised to use this domain. Please follow the settings instructions."

3) Just below that, you will see hostname and points to field written.

4) Copy those two and go to your domain provider's website and paste it in the CNAME record.
5) Enter your domain name from the back and click on save.

6) Turn on HTTPS.

After following these steps, your domain name will be connected to your blogger blog.

Theme for Blogger

After creating a blog on Blogger and connecting to a custom domain, you have to set up a good theme for your blogger blog. So your blog looks like a professional blog.

Before choosing a Blogger theme or template, keep in mind that your template:-
  1. Fast Loading
  2. Mobile Friendly
  3. Ads - Ready
  4. Responsive
It should be.

So this is some theme that you can use in your blogger blog.
  1. Mag one
  2. Newspaper X
  3. Tech Mag
  4. Minima Colored 3
  5. Ideas Mag
  6. Melina 
  7. SEO Hub 
You can find these themes by doing a Google search. Simply enter "theme name blogger theme" into Google and replace the theme name with the name of the theme. You can also write the names of the themes mentioned above.

You can choose the theme according to your theme related to your topic.

How to upload the theme to Blogger.

If you have selected the theme for your blogger blog. So follow these steps to upload the theme.

1) Extract the Theme. With the help of WinRAR.
2) Go to the Theme section.
3) Click on the dropdown icon next to the Customize button.
4) Click on Edit HTML and copy and paste the HTML code from the theme's text file.

After this, the theme will go live on your site.

How to Edit Theme

After uploading the theme to your blog, you will see that your blog is a bit unorganized. To organize the blog, you have to edit some sections.

To edit the theme, go to the Layout section and definitely edit these sections.

Here are some main sections that you will need to change.

Note: To edit any section, press on the pen icon. After pressing on the pen icon, you can edit or delete that section.

1) Header - Edit the logo and description in the Header section.
2) Link List - Add the link to your homepage. Links like - Privacy Policy, Homepage, etc.
3) Sidebar - Click on the pen icon from the sidebar and delete the widget which you do not need. The fewer widgets there are in the sidebar section, the faster the loading speed of the website will be.

How will you know whether your website is loading quickly or not after customizing the theme? You can use Google's page speed insight to find out. 

To determine the loading speed, go to Google and search "Page Speed Insight," then paste your blog's URL and click on analyse.

If the loading time of your site is higher than 3.0 seconds after analyzing the speed, you will need to make some adjustments to the theme of your blog, to make your blog load faster. 

Google Search Console.

Once you've created a blog, you'll need to submit it to Google for indexing. So that Google can find your written post. If an article meets the criteria, it will be displayed in Google. You must use Google's indexing tool "Google Search Console" to index the article.

How to Connect Google Search Console to Blogger?

1) Go to Google and search "Google Search Console".
2) Sign in with your Google account on which you have created your blog.
3) Click on Add a Property and type the URL of your blog.
4) Click on Add a property.

After following these steps, your blog will be added to the search console. But if you want to index your article, then click on the URL and paste your article link in the box above.

You can only get the link to the article indexed then. When your article is published on blogger.

What is Permalink? 

You will see a permalink section when writing the content. This element consists just of a link to your article. Using this area, you can automatically generate your URL. If you don't like the automatic URL, you can create a custom permalink or link to the article instead.

Search Description

The Search Description is a crucial aspect to which you should pay attention because it displays underneath your title in Google. 


Blogger labels can be used to categorize content. To add a label, click the label box while writing an article and type the label's name, such as YouTube, if you want to create an article about YouTube. If you want to add another label to the same article, simply hit the comma and then the name of the new label.

Privacy Policy and Other Pages.

After creating a blog, you should also keep in mind that this page must be on your blog: - Privacy Policy, About Us. Contact Us, Sitemap. If you want approval from Google Adsense then it is important to have these pages.


A sitemap is a page that contains links to all your articles. Creating a sitemap page is also important. You may also have to enter your sitemap in the Google Search Console so that if you write an article, then Google can analyze all your articles.

Follow these steps to index Sitemaps in Google Search Console:

1. Next to the URL of your blog. Type /sitemap.xml.
2. Go to Google Search Console and click on the Sitemap option from the sidebar.
3. Paste the URL you have written in your URL.


I hope you enjoyed my lengthy and detailed guide on how to create a free blogger site.

I hope that you will be successful in creating your own professional blog. If you're experiencing trouble setting up a blog on Blogger, please contact us. As a result, you can leave a comment below.

And, yeah, do you mind if I ask what topic you're willing to write about on your blog? Finally, please share on social media as much as you can.
I am Saquib Shaikh, a professional writer with 3 years of experience in writing social media how-tos. I am also an avid reader and a social media helper.

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