How to Get Adsense Approval for Blogger (2022)

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How to Get Adsense Approval for Blogger 2021

Whenever someone starts a blog. Its first goal is to monetize its site with Google AdSense. It is possible for anyone to achieve this, but in order to achieve it, you must work a little.

Although Google AdSense doesn't state any requirement for approval, they consider some things in that matter, such as privacy pages, articles, themes, etc. To learn more about it in detail, read below to get approved by Google AdSense.

1) Create important pages

The first thing you should do before going to take your website to approve is important pages for the blog. Important pages are those that contain information about your blog, such as how you use cookies, whether you analyse your audience, whether you use affiliate links, and so on.

To include this information in your blog, you need to create pages such as privacy policy, about us, contact us, and disclosure. Read below to learn what each of these pages is about.

1) Privacy policy

A privacy policy page contains details about your blog, such as whether you use Google AdSense, how you analyse your audience, and how you use cookies.

2) About us

The "About us" page contains information about what your website is and the types of articles you publish.

3) Contact us

The contact page includes your email address and other contact information through which anyone can contact you if they have any objections or if they need to speak with you.

4) Disclosure

The disclosure page includes information about your affiliation. To link to any affiliate program and provide affiliate links to your blog, you must disclose this on your disclosure page. You may face difficulties with affiliation with any product if you do not provide this information.

5) Sitemap

The sitemap contains all the links to the articles you have published. For example, if you have published 30 articles, you will be able to see 30 articles hyperlinked to the article.

These are the important pages that you should create to get approved by Google AdSense.

2) Theme

The second factor that you need to take into attention is the theme of your blog. The theme plays a very important role in your blog. The theme should be clean with proper navigation and fast loading.

Because many of the themes look very good, but because of heavy widgets, they load very slowly, which leads to the bounce rate increasing as Google and many SEO companies suggest. To rank higher in Google, a mobile site's loading speed should be less than 3 seconds. Therefore, it is a very important topic for your blog.

Google has launched an AMP to increase the loading speed of blogs, saying that mobile first is important. However, Amp will not be available on Blogger. However, if you are using WordPress, then it is possible to use AMP, but the major problem with AMP is that the content loads very fast, but it takes time to load Ads, which can reduce your income. It can be considered a drawback of AMP.

You're probably wondering why I can't use AMP on Blogger because there isn't an AMP template. Of course, some do exist, but the templates don't look very good, and, as I have already mentioned, that is the drawback of AMP.

If you are using Blogger, you can use the theme. Therefore, we can conclude that to get approved by Google AdSense, your theme should be clean, properly navigated, fast loading, and responsive. I suggest this theme for WordPress users; you can find it here.

3) Content

Finally, the most important thing is content. If you have created pages and used the right theme. However, if you don't write content, you may not be approved. Since content is king. So you should take it very seriously. You should write 20 to 30 articles to get approved by Google AdSense. In my case, I get approved after writing 30 articles, so you can aim for 30 articles.

If you write 30 articles that are under 300 words, then you may feel that the length of the article doesn't matter because the length of the article matters. If you write 30 articles that are very short, then you may receive a message from AdSense that your content is thin. Try to write more than 300 words to get approved and always write unique content as if you copy any content from any website, you will not be approved.

So, these are the three major factors you should consider before applying for approval from Google AdSense. I hope you find this article helpful, please share it.
My name is Saquib Shaikh and I am a Technology enthusiast. I like to write about everything from smartphones to tech gadgets.

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