How to Embed Youtube Video to Website

How to Embed Youtube Video to Website

Are you having trouble figuring out how to embed a YouTube video on your website? Here's the tutorial for the same question.

Videos are a great way to express and show things. It is better than images. So, if you have a blog or website with lengthy written text and want to embed the video to support that text on your website, then most probably you will use YouTube, because it has a stack of videos and it's always a better choice. Whether you want to embed your YouTube video or anything else, you can do it by following this easy tutorial.

How to Get Embed Code from YouTube.

Before embedding the code, you will need the code to be embedded. Follow the instructions below to get the code:

1) Navigate to

Youtube Video Feed

2) Select or open the video you want to embed on your website.

Youtube Video

3) Below the title, you will see a "share" button. Click on that. 

Share Button

4) After clicking on the share button, you'll see various share options. From that option, you can see the embed. Click on that option.


Doing this will show you the code. Just below the code, you'll see a copy button. Click on it to copy the code.

Embed Options 

You will see an option after clicking on the copy button.

To use this option, you need to tick on it and it will be enabled. 

Start at: This option is used to specify the video's starting point. You can make the video start at any point by using this option. You can use this option to cut out any parts of the video that aren't necessary. You can use this option if you want to show the most important part of the video without wasting the viewer's time.

Show player control: This option allows you to hide or show player control in a YouTube video. You can use this option if you don't want the user to be able to move forward or backward through the video.

Enable Privacy Enhanced Mode: If this option is enabled, YouTube will not save any information about the visitor until they click on the video.

How to Embed YouTube Videos on a Mobile Device.

1) Launch the Chrome web browser.

2) Navigate to

3) Select the three dots, followed by the desktop site.

4) Select the video you want to embed.

5) Just click on the "share" button, then click "embed" to get the code.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on a Website

In the context of the website, I have written the tutorial for Blogger and WordPress, because both of them are mostly used to create websites. 

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress.

If you use WordPress, then the method is super easy. You need to paste the YouTube link into the post editor of your WordPress. Just a breakdown

1) Go to

2) Change the video that you want to embed.

3) Copy the video link from Chrome's or any other browser's URL bar.

4) Paste the video's link into the post editor.

Done!!! After this, your YouTube video will automatically be embedded in your WordPress.

How to Embed YouTube Videos on Blogger. 

For bloggers, it is a little difficult to embed a video. Follow the tutorial below to make it easy.

1) Go to

2) Navigate to the video you want to embed.

3) Select the embed option after clicking the share button.

4) Finally, copy the code.

5) Go to, open the post, and select "HTML view."

6) Finally, paste the code.

You can also embed YouTube videos by clicking on the video option in Blogger, but this method doesn’t work for small channels because they don’t get high rankings, so it is difficult to find the video in this option. If you find your video in this option, don’t go with the above method.

I hope that your queries regarding YouTube video embedding are resolved. If not, you can ask me in the comments section.

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