How to Change Youtube Channel Name Without Changing Google Account Name

How to Change Youtube Channel Name Without Changing Google Account Name

How to Change Youtube Channel Name Without Changing Google Account Name

Would you like to change the name of your YouTube channel? However, you are not interested in changing your Google account name.

Here is the answer to the same.

Previously, if you wanted to change your channel name, you had to change your Google account name as well, but now this has been changed, and you can change your channel name without changing your Google account name.

By using this feature, you can now have different names for your YouTube and Gmail accounts. Also, by using, you can change channel logo.

Even if you have a brand account in addition to a personal account, changing your YouTube channel name will not require changing your Google account name

How to Change YouTube Channel Name.

You can change your channel name using either mobile or desktop, depending on your preference. To change it, follow the tutorial below for both the devices.


Step 1. Go to, make sure you're logging with your account.

Step 2. Click on the Account Icon, select the YouTube studio option.

Account Icon

Step 3. From the YouTube Studio Dashboard, click on Customization in the sidebar menu.

Youtube Studio

Step 4. Click on Basic Info tab.

Basic Info Tab

Step 5. Click on the Pen icon and change the channel name.

Pen icon


Step 1. Open the YouTube App.
Step 2. Tap on your account icon, then select your channel from the options.

Account icon

Step 3. Then tap on Your channel.

Your Channel

Step 3. Tap on the settings icon or edit channel.

Edit your Channel or Settings icon

Step 4. Click on Pen icon and change your channel name, then save it.

Pen icon

That's it !!! Very Easy.

What should Verified Channel Creators keep in mind? 

If your channel has been verified by YouTube. If you change the name of your channel during this phase. It can create a problem for you, since updating your channel name will remove your checkmark. If you're changing or planning to change, keep this in mind as well.


1) Does changing your YouTube name change your Google name?

Ans. Surely Not, changing your channel name will not change the Google account name. Even if you have brand or personal, it will not affect the Google name.

2) Can I change my YouTube name without making a new account?

Ans. Yes, you can change the account name without creating a new Google account, to do that follow the tutorial below.

3) How many times I can change my YouTube channel name?

Ans. You can change your YouTube channel name around 3 times a year. Make sure that you're not exceeding the limit.

4) Does changing your channel name hurt you?

Ans. If you keep altering the channel name, it might harm your channel since it can cause misunderstanding among subscribers and lead to a reduction in brand awareness. So, if you have a huge number of subscribers, don't change the name, and even if you have a few subscribers, changing the name will also have a minor impact on your channel.

5) How do I pick a good YouTube channel name?

Ans. Consider these factors when creating a good YouTube channel name: it should include the term that best represents your channel, it should be original, and it should be visually attractive. If you can't think of anything else, you can use the online suggester to come up with a name.

6) Does your YouTube channel name matter?

Ans. The name of your YouTube channel is incredibly essential since it is the first thing that visitors see. That is why you should choose a name that represents you or your channel genre. It will assist the visitor in determining the sort of information you provide.

7) Can I change my YouTube channel name after monetization?

Ans. Yes, if monetization is enabled, you can change the name of your channel. However, if your channel is verified, it may cause issues because you will need to reapply for verification and the verification symbol will be removed when you change the name.

I hope you're able to change name of your YouTube channel without affecting google account name, if not then comment me down I feel happy to answer your any query.

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