How to Change Time Zone and Currency in Facebook Ads Manager.

How to Change Time Zone and Currency in Facebook Ads Manager.

If you're wondering how you could change the time zone or currency, then the answer is you can't change payment settings after creating an ad for changing the time or currency. You have to create another ad.

But just for confirmation. You can check whether you're able to or not. Follow the steps to check whether you can do it of these or not.
  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Tap on the Hamber Menu
  3. Click on Ad Settings Option
  4. Then click on open payment settings.
After this, you will find an open payment settings option where you can change your payment settings, but if you can't do so. Then you have to create another ad account, you can create multiple ad accounts in the business manager's Facebook account.

How to Create Multiple Facebook Ad Account in one Ad Manager Account 

To Add Another Ad Account, Follow this:
  1.  Login to the Ad Manager Account.
  2.  From the sidebar of the Dashboard, click on Ad Account.
  3.  Click on Add Button.
  4. Then Click on Add an ad account from the three other options.
  5.  Enter the detail of your new account. In this step you can enter currency or time you want, so carefully add the details as you want.
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