How to Remove or Disable Disqus Comment Ads

How to Remove or Disable Disqus Comment Ads

[Updated] How to Remove or Disable Disqus Comment Ads

No doubt, Disqus is the best commenting system for blogs or websites. It can integrate with any content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, and even blogger. It is very famous for its features such as moderate comments, reactions, images, etc.

With this feature, you feel impressed and integrate your site with Disqus, but after integrating your site with it, you notice ads are showing just above the comments, and you feel frustrated because of it. Don't worry, here is the quick solution, or you can call the tutorial, just follow it to remove those frustrating ads.

Earlier, Disqus changed its policy to display advertisements on all websites. Nevertheless, after some time they changed their policy again, and this time they said they would apply ads to popular and highly trafficked websites, and that 2% of their sites fall under this category and 98% website fall in other category. It means that 98% of the sites are going to show ads when Disqus is integrated.

Let's head over to the tutorial

1. Login to your Disqus account. 

Disqus login

Login with your Gmail or any other account that you use to sign in to Disqus.

2. Click on Admin. 

Disqus Dashboard

3. From the bottom of the disqus click on settings. If you are using a PC, you can see this option in the right corner, name edit settings.

4. Select the blog that you need to change its settings.

Disqus webiste selection panel

You may have two blogs to change the settings, select one blog.

5. After going into settings, you will be able to see various options.

Disqus options

6. From the options, click on the ads and turn off or untick the allow ads within the comment, allow ads bottom of the comments.  

Ads tab


I hope you are able to remove the advertisement from your disqus comments. If not then comment down I will try to answer you and lastly share it on social media  

I am Saquib Shaikh, a professional writer with 3 years of experience in writing social media how-tos. I am also an avid reader and a social media helper.

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