AdSense tips that will help you increase your earnings without isolating any AdSense guidelines

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Here are 10 AdSense tips that will help you increase your earnings without putting yourself at risk or violating any AdSense guidelines.

Making money online with Google AdSense is among the most popular and possibly the easiest ways.

Making things right means following AdSense guidelines while at the same time doing things in a way that maximises your revenue and earnings.

Take a look at the most important tips to help you reach your goal with AdSense.

1) AdSense guidelines should not be violated.

Although we are only discussing the first AdSense tip, it is vital that whatever you do to increase your earnings does not conflict with these guidelines. I have already mentioned this three times in the article. For more details, please read the entire article, but in general, you should avoid:

Click on your own ads (even for testing purposes)

  1. Clicks or traffic purchased.
  2. Ads that don't look like ads.
  3. The user is only shown ads and no content.
  4. Click on your friend's ads.
  5. Ads on websites with inappropriate content (adult, alcohol, gambling, etc.)

2) Make use of responsive AdSense units.

In our tests, responsive websites with responsive AdSense units performed better than non-responsive websites (more details to be published in future posts).

Responsive AdSense Units can be used instead of regular AdSense ads if you have a responsive website. Due to this, AdSense will show the most suitable advertisement (both in size and type) based on the available ad space.

The 300*250 format on mobile is much faster than the standard 320*50 format, especially for mobile websites.

3) Make sure your ads are visible to users.

It is extremely important to place your ads in a way that is likely to attract clicks and earn you money.

It's always better to have the ads above the fold (that's the section users can see without having to scroll), but if that's not possible, then try having the ads in the main content of the page rather than the sidebar.

If you decide to put ads in the main content, do so at the end of the article because Google punishes websites with too many ads above the fold.

4) Regularly publish content.

Depending on the type of website you have, you may want to publish more content more frequently.

Regular publication of articles generates more visits to your website, which in turn generates more AdSense clicks and revenue.

5) Boost your website's loading speed.

A faster website leads to more ad clicks, so if you optimise your website's speed, this will eventually increase your earnings as well.

Make sure there aren't too many graphics and remove anything that doesn't add value to the user experience but slows down the site.

6) Other ad networks should be removed.

It is best to remove all other ad networks from your site and run AdSense only if you wish to gain more revenue from it.

In addition to making your website load faster, you will be able to see more AdSense ads, which will generate more clicks and revenue.

Many ads on a page do not always mean more revenue, so it's better to stick with three ads per page (even if you don't use AdSense).

7) Identify your Adsense Referrers and improve them

By connecting Google Analytics to Google AdSense, you can see which referrers generate your AdSense revenue in Analytics. This information can be found under Behaviour -> AdSense -> AdSense Referrers.

There's a chance that visitors from Facebook or other social media networks will bring AdSense revenue to your site, so it's a good idea to improve your presence there so as to generate more traffic and revenue.

8) Text and image ad sizes should be standard

AdSense recommends using the most popular sizes when setting up your ads. They are usually 728x90, 336*280, 300*250, and 300×600. Other sizes may not be as popular with advertisers, leading to lower earnings potential.

Make sure that your ads include both text and images, as this will result in more advertisers competing for your ad space, which will lead to better earnings.

9) Test different variations of ads using AdSense experiments

AdSense Experiments (available under My Ads on the AdSense account page) is one of the lesser-known features of AdSense. The experiment allows you to look for the best performance for a particular ad spot by testing different variations.

Try different link colours, a border or no border, etc. This feature is very easy to use, and you will be able to determine in a few days which of your ads is performing better.

10) Your website shouldn't look like it's Made for AdSense (MFA).

By showing relevant ads that may interest the user, AdSense is supposed to enhance the user experience (and it usually does in most cases).

Your website should not focus on advertisements, but still be focused on the user experience and high quality content.

Advertisement is a means of monetizing your content, not your website's purpose.

For more tips see india news updates. 

My name is Saquib Shaikh and I am a Technology enthusiast. I like to write about everything from smartphones to tech gadgets.

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