15 Best Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers for Free

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YouTube is a huge online video sharing platform. Where millions and millions of people come to watch the video. But are you one of those who make videos, but your channel does not get views from those millions of people.

So these are some tips by which you can increase the views and subscribers of your channel. But these tips are not pure science; you can increase the subscriber by using these tips, but there is no certainty about it.

Tips To Increase Subscribers

1) Keyword Research

This is the first step before making any video. With Keyword Research, you can know whether the keyword or title on which you are making a video is a highly competitive keyword or a low competition keyword. If a keyword is of high competition, then it is difficult to rank on that keyword, and it is easy to rank on low competition keywords.

If you want to know more about keyword research. So you can watch this video.

2) Make Brand

If you have not customized your YouTube channel properly. So this could be one of the reasons why your channel has a less subscriber base, because due to poor customization, the audience finds the channel an unprofessional channel.

So to fix this, you have to customize your channel in such a way that the channel looks like a brand.
Make your channel's logo and channel art in such a way that the audience will find your channel attractive. Make the logo and art in such a way that it represents the content of your channel. You can use some of these websites to create the graphics for the channel. Website-Canva, Logo Makr, Namecheap Logo Maker, The Hoth, Free logo Design to create professional graphics.

This is a selected website, with the help of which you can create a logo absolutely free. But you have to compromise a little for the quality. If you want a high quality image, then you can pay some money to these website, then you will get a high quality image.

But low resolution logos also look good to some extent. With which you can use the graphics of the channel.

3) Intro

Intro holds a very important aspect for the channel. With the help of Intro, you can increase the watch time of your channel. That's why, make your intro good, so that the audience can see your intro and increase the watch time of the channel.

But, do not make the intro of your channel too long, as the large intro audience does not like to see it. Make the intro short. Make a minimum of 0.3 s to 0.10 s.

4) Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the only thing that the audience sees first. So the thumbnail must also be good. Make the thumbnail more attractive and use attractive colors in the thumbnail, like red color is the most attractive color.

Edit the thumbnail well. You can use pixlr for editing. With the help of Pixlr, you can edit the image well.

5) Title

Title is also a very important thing after YouTube thumbnails. Write the title in such a way that the audience does not leave without watching your video. You can use emoji and passive voice to make the title engaging.

6) Video Resolution

If a viewer comes to watch your video after being pleased with your thumbnail and title. But he does not like the quality of the video. So it can prove to be bad for your channel. Due to which the bounce rate of your channel can increase. By increasing the bounce rate, your channel will not come in the recommendation, and the ranking of your video will also decrease.

7) Video Content

If the resolution of your video is good. However, there is no quality content in your video. So it doesn't matter. Because if the channel does not have any quality content until your channel will not run. That is why we try to provide quality content to the audience.

8) FPS

If you have a gaming channel, then FPS is a very big aspect for video. So keep your game's fps to at least 30+ FPS. So that the gameplay is well visible inside the video.

If you have a low end pc then it will be difficult for you to record games, and your videos will be made at low FPS. For this, you can use a lightweight recorder. You can use Fraps to increase the fps, which will increase your FPS to some extent.

9) Long Description

Always write your description in detail, and definitely put the link of the other video in the description of your video, and always put social media links in the description of the video. Write a short summary of the video in the description.

10) Comments

Always reply to the comments of your video, due to this, the engagement of the channel increases, and the audience likes if the creator of the channel replies to the comments. The channel audience comes back and sees your video.

11) Music - NO Copyright

Use No Copyright music in the video wherever there is a need for music in your video. By using music, you can keep your audience engaged for a long time.

12) Mic

The quality of the mic matters a lot; if your channel is related to commentary, then your mic should be of very good quality. Mic should have a noise cancelation feature. You can use Audacity to fix the background voice of your video, which is a free software to do voice editing.

If you want to buy a mic whose quality is very good, then you can use Boya's mic.

13) Active at Social Media

Be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and engage with your audience; this will increase your channel's engagement.

14) GIF - Funny Scenes

If your channel is based on entertainment and gaming, then you can use GIF memes to make the video funny. Use of GIF's or memes increases the watch-time of the channel and makes your video engaging.

15) Video Time

You must try as much as possible to put your videos consistently. And put your video in a few fix days. This will let your viewer know when you upload the video.

Upload the video when the audience is mostly active.


In the end, I would like to say that if the content of your channel is good and if you put the videos consistently, then your channel will definitely grow. Then you will not have to worry about taking tension from subscribers or their views.
My name is Saquib Shaikh and I am a Technology enthusiast. I like to write about everything from smartphones to tech gadgets.

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