How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

How to Reset Network Settings on your iPhone

Do you have no cellular signals and or wireless signals on your iPhone? Then you need to troubleshoot your iPhone.

If your Smartphone doesn't show you a signal, and you're not able to connect to the Wi-Fi, then you must reset your network settings.

What does resetting network settings do?

You may wonder at first what resetting network settings accomplishes. So, doing this will clear your iPhone network settings and bring back all default settings. By doing this, these are the things that will be cleared and bring back to default your Wi-Fi name and password, data preference, Bluetooth connections, VPN settings.

Will you lose anything if you reset your iPhone?

Changing these settings will only affect the settings related to your network, and they will not affect photos, videos, or other files. It is not a factory reset of your smartphone, so you can do it without any hassle.

Make sure that this information will work on these devices, iPhone 12 through iPhone 6 with iOS 14 to iOS 8.

But before going to try resetting your network settings, try another trick that might solve the no service issue.

1) Detach the SIM card from the iPhone.

If you see no service on your phone, there might be an error in the SIM card. Try to detach the SIM card from your phone and reinsert it. Also, try to identify that the SIM is not damaged if identified, then change the SIM card with a new one.

2) Aeroplane Mode

Aeroplane mode is used to shut down all network services in aeroplanes, so by doing this you can use this trick to diagnose your service issue. To do this, just swipe from the down and tap on the aeroplane icon to turn it on. After doing this, you will notice that your cellular signal will not appear, and instead of that, you will see an aeroplane icon. Swipe from the down again and then, turn off aeroplane mode by just tapping the aeroplane icon.

3) Power on/off 

If the aeroplane mode method doesn't diagnose, then try to shut down your iPhone. To do this, just hold the power button for some time, then select the power off option. After shutting down your phone, hold the power button again to turn on your iPhone. This method will probably solve your issues and glitches.

4) Restart your iPhone

Power offing your smartphone doesn't solve your issue. Try to restart your iPhone. For doing this, just press the power button and volume button. Choose Restart from the slider and just tap on it. After doing this, your phone will restart your phone. This method will work if you don’t restart your phone for a long time because using a smartphone for a long time without restarting can result into glitches or other issues. So, using this will can solve your errors.

Restart Network settings On iPhone.

To reset your network settings on your iPhone, follow the steps below.
1. Go to Settings and tap-on general settings.
2. Tap-on Reset and write your passcode.
3. Then reset network settings.

By doing this will delete your Wi-Fi networks and password, cellular, VPN, APN settings.

Service centre

If all the above methods don't work for you, there might be an error in a hardware-related function. So try to reach a service centre to resolve your issue.

I hope you like the tutorial. If you have any queries relating to resetting network settings on iPhone, then you can comment on me down. I will definitely answer to all your questions regarding. Thanks for reading. 
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