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How to take Screenshot in laptop

Want to take a screenshot but use third party software to take it on your laptop and pc? But your device already has the feature to take a screenshot by just clicking one button. You will be able to take it. 

Just follow these simple steps.

Part 1: Screenshot using built-in tools

1) Open any screen in which you have to take a screenshot.

2) Click on the Print Screen button on the keyboard.

3) Open paint and press Crtl + V.

4) From the top left menu, click on save.

Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

Snipping is a tool built by windows. By using this tool, you can take a selected area screenshot. To take a screenshot of a selected area, just search "snipping" in the start menu.

Part 2: Using Third-Party Software

1) Light Shot 

Light Shot Software

The light shot is software by which you can take screenshots by downloading the software which is available for both Mac and Windows. By using this tool, you can easily take a screenshot and edit it. 


How to take screenshots in windows 10?

For taking Screenshots in Windows 10, just press Windows + Print Screen after taking it your image will be saved to the picture folder.

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