How to Record Google Meet Session [7 Steps]

How to Record Google Meet Session [7 Steps]

How to record in Google Meet for free

Google meet is a video-conference software that is mostly used in the pandemic time by many of the businesses, institutions, to connect with their employees, students through the mode of online.

It has plenty of options related to meeting and conferencing, but it doesn't have an option to record meetings while taking meetings. Recording meetings is necessary when you have to use it again for work or any other purpose. 

How to record Google Meet meetings.

So, you can record meetings on Google Meet by following these steps.:

Note: You should have a workspace Google account to enable the recording option. Google Workspace account is used by businesses. It cost around 125/Rs a month. 

1) First Google search meet. Log in with your Google account.

2) Search for and log in with workspace account.

3) Click on apps from the list of options.

4) Click on Gsuite.

Find a recording option from the list and select on for everyone option to enable recording. 

5) Enable the Recording option by clicking on the pen icon or an edit icon.

6) Tick on the let people record their meeting

7) Scroll down and click on the Save button.

After that, go to Google Meet. Click on start meeting, then join now, and after that, click on three dots to start recording. After clicking, and recording, you will be asked to accept consent. Grant the consent.

After the Recording meeting, you will be able to see recordings on Google Drive.


Can you record on Google Meet?

There is no option for recording meetings in a google meet. But you can use third-party software such as obs for PC, and mobile recording software, such as mobizen, AZ recorder.

Why there is no record button on Google Meet?

The recording option is only available for those who have a workspace account.

Where does Google Meet recordings go?

All the recordings are saved to Google Drive.

How do I record free Google Meet?

Download Screen Recorder Extension from Chrome to record. You can also see the video tutorial below. 

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