How to download Minecraft Beta Cave Update on Android

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Minecraft Beta on Android

Every time a new Minecraft version is released, Mojang releases the Beta Version first. The Beta Version allows players to play the game as usual and find upcoming features and bugs while playing the game.

Mojang has recently launched a new beta version of Minecraft. A key part of the latest beta release is that Mojang will fix bugs and crash issues that players reported while playing. 

Minecraft Beta also includes various new fixes such as vanilla parity fixes, Performance and Improvement fixes, technical changes and other bug fixes.

And if you want to be the part of the players to provide feedback and play the game to glance at some upcoming features, just read the article to find it out.

Note: Minecraft Betas are free for anyone who owns a copy of Minecraft already.

How to download Minecraft Beta on Android.

(1) Open the Google Playstore application.
(2) In Search Box, Search for "Minecraft", and from the description of the app, tap on the Minecraft official play store page linkFrom the link, you will be redirected to the official page.
(3) Enroll for beta by clicking on the join button.
(4) After enrolling, download the newest beta version. 

Make sure, to play a beta version, you must create a new world because it does not work on a previously created one.

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