[Update] How to Delete Facebook Account on Android, iOS [2022]

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How to Delete Facebook Account on Android, iOS [2022]
Facebook Account Deletion 

There may be many reasons for deleting your Facebook account. One of them is that you aren't using your account for any other reason, so let's get right to the tutorial.

How to Delete Facebook Account on Android, iOS.

Make sure you have a proper internet connection before following this tutorial.

1) Open the Facebook app from the apps drawer.

2) Tap on the hamburger menu from the top right corner. In the case of iOS, this might be in the bottom right corner.
Facebook App

3) Scroll down and search for settings and privacy.

Facebook settings

4) Select Settings and then tap on Account Ownership and Control from your Facebook information tab.
Personal Information
Account owner settings

5) Click on Deactivate and deletion.


You will be asked to deactivate Messenger before deleting the account, so you can also deactivate Messenger if you want to. It will also ask you to download the data, which means your photos and videos if you wish to do so

6) From the two options, deactivate and delete select delete, then tap on deleting the account.

delete facebook account option

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