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How to Disable Google Smart Lock on Facebook App | Android (2022)

google smart lock facebook off

While Google's smart lock is a great security feature, sometimes you feel frustrated with it and want to turn it off, or you may have any other reason for doing so. 

It is very likely that you are getting tired of using Google Smart Lock on your smartphone or a specific app and want to turn it off to use the app on your Android device as a default. Then follow this guide to turn off the smart lock on Facebook.

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1. How to remove or disable Google Smart Lock on the Facebook app 
    ▶Method 1
    ▶Method 2
    ▶Method 3
    ▶Method 1 
    ▶Method 2     

In the following tutorial, I'll use the Facebook application, but you can use this method regardless of the application. To remove or disable google smart lock on Facebook, follow the tutorial below:

How to remove or disable Google Smart Lock on the Facebook app.

Method 1 

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Find Biometrics and Security and tap on it.
  3. Tap on other security settings.
  4. Locate the Trust Agent option.
  5. Then turn off Google Smart Lock.
Google Smart will be turned off after this. If you can't find the settings for some of them, simply tap on the search icon in the top right corner of the settings app to find them.

If you are unable to find these settings on your Android device, you can use Method 2.  

Method 2

(1) Open Settings.

google smart lock off facebook

(2) Scroll down and find Google from the account tab of the settings.

google smart lock off facebook

(3) Tap on Manage Google your account.

google smart lock facebook

(4) Click on the Security tab beside the Data and Privacy tab.

google smart lock off facebook

(5) Scroll down and tap on the Password manager.

google smart lock off facebook

Clicking on the password manager will take you to the password manager page. From this page, you can see all websites and apps, and from there, you can select the Facebook app.

(6) After clicking on the Facebook app, select the delete option.
google smart lock off facebook

If either method doesn't work for you, you can try this third method.

Method 3

1) Launch the Settings App.

2) Find the Account section.

3) Under the Account section, tap on Google.

4) Tap on the Smart Lock for a password.

5) In the never-save option, select the Facebook app. 

Following this process will turn off your smart lock completely. If you don't want to turn off the Facebook app specifically, instead of, if you want to turn off Android, you can read below.

How to Turn Google Smart Lock off on Android.

Method 1

(1) Open Settings.
(2) Find Security, Biometrics, and Security (Depending on the device, it may be written differently) and tap on it.

(3) Scroll down a little to find the trusted agent.

(4) Then tap on the button to turn it off.

Method 2 (Fast Method)

(1) Open Settings.

(2) Tap on the Search icon from the top right corner.

(3) Search for "Trust Agent".

(4) Then tap on the button to turn it off.

I hope you find it helpful.

Can you disable Google smart lock on the Facebook app? If not, let me know as soon as possible.

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1) What is Google Smart on my Facebook?

Google Smart is a feature provided by Google. It locks your smartphone intelligently. It has four options for locking your phone: body detection, trusted device, trusted places, voice match, and a trusted face.

If you've enabled the smart lock on your Facebook app, choosing any option will not unlock it until you use the method you selected.

2) How do I get rid of the Google Smart lock on Facebook?

To get rid of the Google Smart Lock on Facebook, go to settings > Google > Manage your account > password manager >turn off Facebook.  

3) How do I get rid of Smart Lock?

To get rid of Google Smart Lock on Android, Open Settings > Biometrics and Fingerprints > Trust Agents > Turn off Smart Lock.

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