🔴 Stream on YouTube from Mobile and PC in Minutes

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Want to live stream video on youtube with mobile or pc but stuck at choosing the Streaming application and how to stream so, you are at the right place. This is a complete guide to how to stream on youtube with mobile and pc. 

Live Streaming is the only way to interact with the audience. It has very benefits such as:

1) Subscriber Increases.

2) Views Increases.

3) Audience Interaction 

4) Increases Revenue

So, these are the benefits. After knowing, the benefits you'll be going to stream video on youtube but can't do the same. So, Here is the guide to follow.

How to Stream on YouTube with Mobile.

If you're a mobile user and want to stream. You have to download an application named the Omlet arcade app. By using, this application you can stream videos to youtube directly. For this tutorial, I have been going to take an example of PUGB or BGMI.

How to stream PUBG or BGMI from Mobile.

  • The first step for you is to install BGMI mobile game from the play store.
  • Install Omlet Arcade Application. Create a Username according to availability.
  • Open the app, click on the plus icon and choose to go live from the other options.
  • Choose the game you want to live stream.
  • Log in with the youtube account.

By clicking on a go-live. You will have plenty of options related to the stream you can choose according to you. An option such as video quality, overlay, webcam, microphone etc.

If you want to see a video tutorial. You can see it below.

By following these techniques. You can stream pubg and other also games.

How to stream on youtube from pc 

But if you're a pc user and want to stream live on youtube. You have many applications such as OBS, Streamlabs, Xsplit Game caster. By using, this software you can easily stream for free. 

OBS [Low-End Pc]

If your pc is Low-End then, OBS Studio will be the best software for you for streaming. You can Stream the video very well, even if you have a low-end pc.

How to Stream using OBS Studio

1) From the Source tab, click on the plus icon.

OBS Studio


2) Create Window Capture then, click on ok.

OBS Studio

3) Find the Stream key by watching this video.

4) Click on Settings from the Control tab. Then Paste that key by selecting the stream section.

OBS Studio

5) Then Click on Start Streaming.

There is other software that you, can use such as Streamlabs for high-end pc. You can also use Xsplit game caster for streaming. 


Do I need 1000 Subscribers to stream on youtube?

Obviously No, You Don't need a thousand subscribers to stream on youtube. You can stream even if you have 0 subscribers.

Is Youtube Live Streaming is free?

Yes, You can stream videos on youtube for free youtube will not charge any cost to you.

How to live stream on youtube?

Just click on the account icon>Youtube Studio beside the upload icon click on the spectrum icon.

Do I need a high-end pc for streaming?

No, by using an application like OBS Studio. You can easily stream with the low-end pc.

My name is Saquib Shaikh and I am a Technology enthusiast. I like to write about everything from smartphones to tech gadgets.

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