Download Windows 11 in Windows 10 In [Few Steps]

Download Windows 11 in Windows 10 In [Few Steps]

Windows 11 Desktop

Microsoft has finally released Windows 11. Right Now you can use Windows 11, although you have to be a part of Microsoft's Insider Program to use it anyone can become a part of the Insider Program.

You can take Windows 11 preview in this program. With which, if you require any changes under Windows, then you can give feedback about this to Microsoft.

Since this is a beta version, you may see some bugs. It will not be going to a stable version as of the general release version that you are using. But if you want to use Windows 11 as the primary operating system, then you have to remain a bit. Because Windows is not fully launched yet.

And if you want to use Windows 11 as the primary OS, then you may find it difficult to operate it on your computer. I would recommend you to use Windows 10 and as soon as Microsoft will launch a new OS, then you should use it.

So Let us See the Steps to download Windows 11 in Windows 10

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Search for Windows Insider Program in the search box.
  3. Link your email to the program.
  4. Pick Insider set to the Dev channel from the three options.
  5. From the Sidebar Click on Windows Update. 

After following these steps. Windows 11 will start installing on your device. And after the installation ends, you will be able to use Windows 11 as an operating system.

If You have any Difficulties or queries in installing you can ask me in the comment section. If you are not satisfied with the tutorial, you can opt for the video tutorial below.

Or If you like the tutorial, you can share it with your friend and whoever wants to install it.


1) Will I lose my apps and files if I upgrade?
No, Your Apps and files will get unlost in this process. But as Security measures, you should back up your PC.
2) Can I downgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 11?
Yes, you can revert to Windows 10 after installing Windows 11 by going to systems> Recovery you will be downgraded to the earlier version.
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