How to Change or Upload Blogger Theme [New Interface]

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Blogger is a popular blogging platform used by millions of people. Because it provides you with a free service for starting a blog and sharing your ideas. You must have already started a blog, but you cannot change the Blogger theme.

Most likely, you have chosen and downloaded the theme, but if not, you can consider downloading these themes.

How to change or upload the theme of Blogger.

1. First of all, go to the dashboard of your blogger.
2. Navigate to the theme section.

3. Click on the drop-down button next to "Customize."

4. Select "Restore", followed by "Upload."

5. Find and open the Blogger xml file on your computer.

Which theme to choose?

Now you know how to upload a theme, but wait!!! Just uploading the theme will not end your work, because a good looking theme isn't always good. Instead, you have to select a theme that has these features that I have mentioned.
So, these are some of the features that your theme should have :

1. Responsive 

It is very important for the theme to be responsive. Responsive means whatever theme you have selected. It should look very good and absolutely right on PC and mobile, so that the visitor does not have any problem reading the article.

2. Fast Loading

If you are selecting any blogger's theme, your theme should be a fast-loading theme. If the theme does not load fast enough, then it is very likely that people will leave your blog and go to another one. Due to which, both your ranking and earnings will be affected.

How to find the load time of a Blogger Theme? You can use Google Page Insights to analyse the load time of the theme.

The load time of any website should not exceed 2 seconds on desktop and 3 seconds on mobile.

3. Ads Ready 

If your theme is responsive and its load time is also good, but if your theme is not ad-ready, then this is a very bad thing for your reader, because they will not like this thing at all. So, when choosing a theme, keep in mind that your theme should also be Ads Ready.

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