How to Record Screen On iPhone XR [2023]

How to Record Screen On iPhone XR [2023]

How to Record Screen On iPhone XR

Do you want to record screen on your iPhone xr but can't seem to find the option to record in the control center? Don't just anywhere, just follow the simple settings to bring up the record button that is lost on your iPhone.
There may be many reasons for recording Tell me your reason in the comment section. These settings will also work on iPhone X and later, as well as iPads running iOS 12 or later.

How to Record Screen On iPhone XR 

1. First and simply, go to the settings.
2. Then, in settings, tap on the control center option.
3. After that, you will find many options, but you will only have to look at the screen record option.
4. Tap on the plus icon for the screen record option to add it to the control center.
5. From the upper right corner, drag down the control center. Or drag up the Control Center for the older iPhone version.
6. Press the record button and wait 3 seconds for the recording to begin.Your screen record will start.
7. To stop recording, press the recording button again from the Control Center.

To turn the microphone on or off in screen recording Drag the record button for a while. Turn the microphone on or off by pressing on the microphone icon.


1) Can I screen record on my iPhone XR?

Ans: Yes, you can record your screen on the iPhone XR. You just need to activate some settings to use it. To activate it, go to Settings > Control Center > Screen Record > Plus icon > Drag Control Center > Tap on the Record option.

2) Disable screen recording on the iPhone XR?

Ans: To disable the screen recording option, go to Settings > Control Center > Tap on the Minus Icon of Screen Recording. That's it.

3) How long can you screen record on the iPhone XR?

Ans: The answer is very long. You can record the screen without a time limit, unless your storage is not a problem, but some of the users have reported that the recording gets suddenly stopped after 3 hours or 4 hours 

After reading this, I hope you'll be able to record your iPhone XR screen. If you have any questions or have any difficulties cancelling the membership, please leave them in the comments section. I will undoubtedly respond to your inquiry.

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